Maestro 3D Dental Scan S.D.K. (Software Development Kit)

Maestro Dental Scan S.D.K. is the software library that allows the user to integrate all the capabilities of Maestro in his applications. The software development kit (written in C++) allows full control of the scanner and an easy integration in third parts software. The innovative software guarantees exceptional performances by exploiting fully the parallel calculation offered by the most recent multicore and multithreading technologies present in the market.


  • Power management - System turn-on/turn-off.

  • Hardware monitoring - Constant monitoring on scanner system state.

  • Automatic clustering - Individuation and automatic separation of 3D models in case of working sessions with more dental objects in simultaneous.

  • Adaptive capture - Automatic 3D surfaces aquistition of dental objects.

  • Automation - Automatic final model creation starting from the acquired data. (final resolution adjustable).

  • Open output - Final model exporting in the more common formats: STL, PLY, OBJ, ASC, XYZ, PTS, VRML, (open standard formats).

Maestro 3D Dental Scanner software Easy Dental Scan SDK




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