Maestro 3D MDS 500 | 3D Dental Scanner | 3D Jewelry Scanner

MDS500 3D Dental Scanner

A versatile scanner model that covers all needs. It is suitable for scanning complete arches, dental impressions, single abutments, excelling in the design of complex dental restoration work such as bars and bridges, which require extremely high precision, as well as for orthodontic work. This device is essential for both dental laboratories and dental practices seeking the utmost precision in analog impression scanning. Furthermore, there is a version of the scanning software specifically designed for capturing images of jewelry, stones, and small components of any kind.

Precision is Where it All Begins


Super-Fast Scanning

You can define your own scanning strategies or use predefined ones. Capture a single 3D photo in just 2.5 seconds.

Accuracy below 8 microns

To achieve such levels of accuracy, Maestro 3D scanners utilize dual 5.0 MegaPixel stereo cameras and distortion-free professional optics. Only with certified quality hardware can such levels of precision and accuracy be attained.


Thanks to the simple and intuitive user interface, managing complex tasks becomes a breeze. Video tutorials, online documentation, and a support forum allow you to quickly learn how to use the software. With over 4000 installations in over 40 countries, a large community is ready to assist you.

Smart Impression Scanning

Equipped with a dedicated impression stabilizing arm, the real revolution lies in the scanning software. The user only needs to indicate a clear view of the impression to the scanner, and the scanner takes care of the rest! By utilizing a good starting point and scanning strategies designed for impression scanning, the software automatically generates the positive model from the impression.
Maestro 3D MDS 500 | 3D Dental Scanner | 3D Jewelry Scanner | Smart Impression Scanning | Texture Color Super Imposition

Smart Impression Scanning

Smart Reduction of Triangles

Thanks to the 'Smart Triangles Reduction' technology, models are initially scanned at the highest resolution and accuracy and are subsequently decimated. This operation is completely automatic and transparent to the user, allowing for the preservation of essential details and triangle density, such as in tooth margin lines, while significantly reducing the size of the STL file.

Maestro 3D MDS 500 | 3D Dental Scanner | 3D Jewelry Scanner | Smart Impression Scanning | Texture Color Super Imposition
Maestro 3D MDS 500 | 3D Dental Scanner | 3D Jewelry Scanner | Smart Impression Scanning | Texture Color Super Imposition

Texture Color Superimposition

The 'Texture Superimposition' module is useful for creating models with an RGB color texture or a grayscale scale. This is particularly helpful in achieving extremely precise margin lines, as indicated in the model.

Auto Align

The registration of stumps is entirely automatic and enables the replacement of low-resolution stumps acquired with the arch with high-resolution stumps acquired without the arch. Additionally, the alignment of the maxillary and mandibular relationship is automatic and requires user assistance only in some cases for locating specific points.

Maestro 3D MDS 500 | 3D Dental Scanner | 3D Jewelry Scanner | Smart Impression Scanning | Texture Color Super Imposition

Technical Specifications

Texture Color Superimposition
Automatic Calibration
Impression Scanning
Multi die support
Customizable scanning strategy
Number of cameras 2 x 1.3 or 2 x 5.0 MP with high quality lenses
Projector 1, structured light LED
Object movement rotary table, tilt table, 2 real axis
Operating voltage 110V or 220V
Scan surface 90mm[W] * 90mm[D] * 60mm[H]
Interface USB3
Output formats STL, PLY, open formats
Accuracy less than 8 micron
Resolutions less than 0,05 mm
Scanner dimensions 428mm[W] * 275mm[D] * 332mm[H]
Weight 20 Kg
Operating temperature 5 - 40 degrees Celsius
Approved Regulations CE

See It in Action


Our choice to enclose the Maestro 3D scanner in a dedicated chassis, rather than leaving it completely open as is often seen today, reflects our company's philosophy. Our primary goal is to achieve the best results in terms of accuracy, precision, resolution, and repeatability in scanned 3D models. The Maestro 3D system is based on advanced structured light technology. This technology involves the projection of special light fringes onto the object being scanned, while cameras capture hundreds of images in which algorithms identify the transition of fringes from white to black. In other words, it is necessary to precisely identify the edge of each light fringe, not just the fringe itself. To achieve this sub-pixel level of precision, it is essential to have very high contrast between white and black. A completely open scanner would drastically reduce this contrast, as ambient light would influence the scene. Reduced contrast results in lower precision and accuracy. That's why we chose to protect the scanner with a closed chassis, eliminating any interference from ambient light.

The cameras used in the Maestro 3D scanner are monochrome. This choice is due to the algorithms that work with structured light or its variants, which seek the edge of each light fringe in the image. Therefore, a high contrast between white and black is essential, making the grayscale image perfect for recognition. Working with color cameras would not only fail to contribute to recognition but also reduce the information available to the algorithm. This is because color cameras require sensor space to represent each pixel with three channels (Red, Green, Blue), while monochrome cameras use space only for grayscale representation. Since a grayscale image is required to identify the edges of light fringes, a monochrome camera provides much more detail than a color camera. Even if we chose color cameras, we would still need to convert the image to grayscale through software, losing a lot of information.

The monochrome cameras in the Maestro 3D scanner benefit from white light, while the use of blue light or its variants would result in lower image contrast. The projection of white light allows for the 100% use of RGB channels on the projector sensor, thereby achieving high brightness and contrast. On the other hand, using blue light or other variants would require the use of less intense channels, resulting in lower brightness and reduced contrast. If the goal is to maximize precision, accuracy, and resolution in 3D scans, white light is the superior choice compared to blue light. Blue light may be preferred for scenic and entertainment purposes, but it is not suitable when seeking the highest scanning quality.

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