Dental CAD / Dental Restoration (dental restoration module)

The Dental CAD is a robust and reliable software package that with minimal training costs helps maximize the productivity of the study or laboratory. It is a CAD tool, reliable and accurate, both when it comes to small operations that when it comes to complex cases.


maestro3d dental CAD



  • Fast - just a few minutes to perform all the creation of their work operations;
  • Easy to use - Thanks to the wizard mode is very easy to perform any operation;
  • Open - Both inbound and outbound, the software accepts and generates open standard file, making the user free to turn to those who prefer to produce;
  • Royalty free - No compulsory fee or annual licenses;




This module allows to make anatomic crowns, reduced crowns offset crowns and combine them through connectors in order to obtain bridge frameworks up to 16 elements. The obtained files are open and fully compatible with all the dental milling machines. The easy of use together with the processing accuracy and speed gives excellent results even in the hands of a beginner and it becomes a very powerful tool in the hands of an expert.




  • maestro 3d dental studio - dental CAD -  choose job


    Single patient / multiple patient mode.

  • maestro 3d dental studio - dental CAD - marginline


    Automatic margin line detection and easy editing of margin line.

  • maestro 3d dental studio - dental CAD - interface


    Automatic undercut detection and removal.

  • maestro 3d dental studio - dental CAD - anatomy placement


    Automatic anatomy placement.

  • maestro 3d dental studio - dental CAD - shrinking


    Anatomy reduction.

  • maestro 3d dental studio - dental CAD - connectors


    Advanced connectors design and editing.

  • maestro 3d dental studio - dental CAD - mergedjob


    Up to 16 units bridge design with real time feedback and control of all the modeling operations.