Maestro history

Maestro 3D MDS500

2018 - MDS500 5.0 MegaPixel

This is the last born in the family of three-dimensional scanner line Maestro.

Maestro 3D MDS400

2014 - MDS400

The World's first programmable scanner

2nd Axis – Tilt module

Texture Color Superimposition module

Maestro 3D V2


2011 - MDS300 - It is more efficient and faster.
Maestro 3D V2



2009 - MDS200 - Renewed in the shape with a new Italian design. Smaller, lighter and more powerful, faster and easy to use.
Maestro 3D V1


2007 - MDS100 - The first three-dimensional scanner of the line Maestro was born. Solid and accurate is characterized by its reliability and its high levels of precision.