Maestro 3D Cloud

Maestro 3D Cloud

Safely and reliably store your work cases in the cloud, leveraging state-of-the-art encryption technologies to ensure they are easily accessible from any workstation within your team. Segment your team into two user levels:

  • Operators, using the perpetual license, can create new work cases, plan, and maximize all the functionalities offered by the software.
  • Viewer users (typically doctors) can submit input files for new work cases via the web platform and view and modify treatment planning through the free viewer. They can send their modifications to the production team, composed of operators, using the dedicated messaging system, enabling clear and direct communication while ensuring traceability of operations.
This information exchange is crucial and is supported by a dedicated messaging system, allowing you to maintain an open line for clear and direct communication, as well as ensuring the traceability of operations. This tool has now become an indispensable resource, making it possible to offer a professional service through the direct integration of this feature into Maestro 3D software. The cloud service is available by subscription only and is accessible only to perpetual license holders.

Cloud Workflow

Maestro 3D Cloud

The doctor uploads the input files

Through the web interface, you can easily upload all the files related to the work case, including 3D models, images, patient information, and more.

Dental Studio receives the work case

The production team, through the Dental Studio software, receives the input files for the work case. Once the project is finished, the work case is shared with the doctor.

Maestro 3D Cloud
Maestro 3D Cloud

Web Viewer\Dental Studio Viewer

Through the web portal, the dentist can examine the 3D models of the work case, view the treatment animation, and access the treatment report, among other resources. Using the Dental Studio Viewer software, the dentist can make modifications to the virtual setup and submit them to the production team, provided that the work case has been unlocked. However, to unlock the case and allow the dentist to perform the virtual setup or bracket placement using the free Dental Studio Viewer software, a payment in credits is required. Part of the credits is included in the cloud subscription, while others can be purchased separately.

Web Viewer

Technical Specifications

Direct integration with Dental Studio\Dental Studio Viewer
3D web-based viewer (phone\tablet\PC)
Web-based treatment report
Easy share of the cases across the team (employees, doctors)
Work case lock\unlock function to allow multiple users to work on the same case
Lock\unlock the virtual setup and brackets placement features within Dental Studio Viewer for doctor use
Messaging between operators and doctors relating to the individual work case
OEM Server customization (url, mail, logo, color theme, …)

Cloud OEM Server

The OEM server subscription is optional and is an add-on to your regular cloud subscription. This allows you to customize more than using the standard server. You will be able to customize many aspects of the web portal so that the aspect of the service respects your brand. This will help you offer a more professional service to your customers.

  • Connect your domain name to the server. Access to the portal for you and your customers will be via your domain name, for example:;
  • Customize interface colors;
  • Customize the background image of the login page;
  • Customize the mail server and emails sent from the server;
Standard Server
maestro 3d cloud webviewer

The image shows the cloud service login page on the standard server.

OEM Server
maestro 3d cloud OEM server webviewer

The image shows the cloud service login page on the OEM server, where you can change the domain name, color theme, background image, logo image, …

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